The word “staycation” is used to describe a vacation spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and home environment has to offer.  When you’ve got a “real” pool room, an enclosed aquatic get-away like this one, you’ll be excited when it’s time for your staycation!

This enclosed swimming pool is an extension of the home that includes the same color siding and window framing on the outside.  The doorway from the home features a large skylight above, smaller skylights, evenly spaced, let in more sunlight.  The large sliding glass doors open the room to fresh air from outside, weather permitting.

When the season changes the room is still a warm, inviting space for entertaining and aquatic activity.  Lounging by the pool while reading and just enjoying the winter sun streaming through the ceiling, this room is a wonderful relaxation space. This pool is large enough for lap swimming and the deck area offers additional space for lounge chairs and tables. It’s the family’s favorite space in the home.

Pool enclosures don’t have to be boxy glass houses, every home has it’s own style and an Oasis Pool Enclosure can be designed to compliment your home.

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