When you think about glass pool enclosures, you probably picture a big glass or polycarbonate dome or structure. The look is pretty typical, universal across many different manufacturers.

With homeowners associations (HOA) dictating what can and cannot be placed in a yard, it’s difficult to come up with a design that will work.  Especially when the traditional glass structures are banned.  No one wants to go up against their neighbors in a fight to cover the swimming pool.  How about a pool enclosure that looks like it’s just part of the house?

Take a look at this idea – it’s quite unexpected.

Outside the home, snow covers the ground

This looks like a normal home featuring tall floor-to-ceiling windows.  While there is snow on the ground one can see a warm, inviting environment through the windows.  Behind the glass, you’ll find a surprise. Disguised as a “great room” from the outside is actually the swimming pool.

Swimming pool enclosure, disguised as a great room.

This swimming pool enclosure, cleverly disguised as a part of the home, won’t ruffle any feathers with the homeowner’s association.  It’s a permanent part of your home, fully insured as such.  The room is warm and cozy, offering year-round protection from the elements and the ability to swim anytime you want.  Plus, it’s a terrific area for entertaining.

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