The amazing benefits of swimming all year long.

Scientific studies of infant swimming in Germany have shown that early stimulation develops the child in three key areas- physically, mentally, and emotionally. As compared with a control group, which did not take year-round lessons, the children who swam consistently from infancy were significantly stronger and more coordinated.

The muscles developed in a process similar to physical therapy enabled the children to excel at all physical activities and were not limited to swimming. The children also scored higher for intelligence and problem solving, which carried over into excellence and alertness in school. And, emotionally, children who swim year-round were found to be more self-disciplined and to have the motivation and confidence to succeed. From consistent goal setting, learning, and achievement, they rated high in self-respect.

Tired kids? Not really.

School involves sitting still and mental activity. Young bodies need a fun outlet to vent their energy. Being cooped up in school all winter can lead to lethargy and couch potato or video game potato syndrome. Swimming invigorates like no other exercise. It works all muscles in the body evenly on both sides and is both aerobic and strength building. Children who are accustomed to healthy exercise grow into adults who are healthy.

Dangers of Drowning

Swimming year-round is the best way to protect your child from the very real danger of the water. Year-round swimmers retain a healthy respect for the water and build skills way beyond those of seasonal swimmers. Drowning is not only a summer danger. Canals, open water, bathtubs, and even covered swimming pools can be hazards; but year-round swimming is so much more than preventative medicine.

Does swimming cause illness?

Children who swim year-round are less likely to become ill than those with a less active lifestyle. Hairdryers, warm clothing, and caps can prevent colds. Swimming never causes inner ear infections, and swimmer’s ear (outer ear infections) can be easily prevented by thoroughly drying the ears. When necessary, using over-the-counter drying eardrops after lessons eliminates ear problems.

Swimming and other sports

In addition to all the unique benefits already mentioned, swimming is just about the only sport we can enjoy well into our senior years. A lifelong pleasure, swimming is also important for many related water activities such as diving, fishing, and boating. And once again, remembering the safety of your children, swimming is the ONLY sport likely to save their lives someday. People of all ages should enjoy swimming all year round to reap the benefits.