We offer several value added services to help you with the concept, design and construction of your swimming pool enclosure.  These are optional services available as your need arises.  Many of these services are provided by our sister company Crystal Structures.

I can’t believe the patience that Oasis Pool Enclosures has dealing with me, my architect, my co-op engineer, my contractor . . . I don’t think I would have been able to complete the project without [your] expertise.  ~ Jen D. (New York City, NY)

Got Ideas? Our Design Service team is ready to help you turn your dream to reality!

Design Services:

When using our FREE design service you’ll learn about structure, glazing materials, ventilation, usage, and more. As a result you’ll be confident in making the right decisions to satisfy your desires and budget. Making good decisions is the first step in making sure you’ll have a successful project. We have the experience necessary to insure your design is right for you and your family.
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Architectural & Engineering Services:
Some projects require the services of an architect and or an engineer. If your pool enclosure is going to connect to your home or another building, in a heavy snow load area, unstable soil conditions, or is extremely large, we will recommend retaining the services of architect and or engineering professionals. We have years of experience working with professionals that are experienced with our products and we can and do control these cost.

By allowing us to manage and direct this aspect of the project we will be able to retain the professionals needed to do the job correctly, without creating new problems or over complicating your project.

We can provide architectural and engineering stamps in all 50 states.

Construction Management Services:
Most projects require some additional related construction work, ie – foundations, floors, decks, utility lines, adjustment to your home, etc.  Read more about our construction services, click here.

Installation Services:
We install most of our swimming pool enclosures using employees or qualified sub-contractors that are based around the United States. These specialty glazing crews have been installing commercial skylights, classroom greenhouses, and pool enclosures for Crystal Structures for years.  (See our completed commercial projects section, click here.)

We’ve completed projects for the US Government, most local and state governments, and many other prestigious private projects. Using these very specialized and qualified crews means the problems you could experience will be minimized and the quality will be much higher than the average construction crews. Our crews are insured for your protection.

DIY / Supervision Services:
We realize installations performed by professional crews can be expensive. That’s why we offer this DIY Supervision Service. If you have access to a 3 – 4 person labor force you may have the opportunity to save a lot of money by installing your Oasis Pool Enclosure yourself. Every project has its own set of detailed shop drawings and installation guides.

In addition to these tools, we offer supervision and training services on a daily basis. Within 3 – 4 days most crews can be trained successfully.

Even though we cannot provide an installation warranty with this service it is an excellent way to save money and a way to provide jobs for the local workers in your community.

Repair & Rehabilitation

We regularly refurbish products in disrepair including those built by competitors.  Many older swimming pool enclosures built between the 60’s – 80’s do not have today’s high performance plastics and glass which makes them unable to stand the test of time.  Our commercial crews travel the country and in many cases we can refurbish a pool enclosure in the course of travel.