10 Reasons to Enclose Your Swimming Pool

There are many reasons you might want to consider an Oasis Pool Enclosure, but here are 8 of the reasons most common with our customers:

  1. Swim Year Round
    Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall; it doesn’t matter! With an Oasis Pool Enclosure, you can enjoy your pool and its benefits all year.  Learn more about owning a swimming pool enclosure with these articles.
  2. Less Maintenance
    Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your swimming pool more and maintaining it less? All those wasted hours of removing leaves, dirt, and debris could be extra hours enjoying your private oasis.

  3. Create Memories with Family
    Spending time with your family is important.  And if you’ve got grandkids – the pool is a big attraction! You’ll have more opportunities to see the grandkids and create wonderful memories.

  4. Keep Critters Out
    Keep unwanted wild critters and other stray animals out of your swimming pool. You’ll not only be protecting your pool but also the wildlife that can be harmed by the chemicals in your swimming pool.

  5. Reduce Chemical Usage & Chemical Cost
    Buying chemicals to keep your swimming pool water safe and clean can be tedious and expensive, especially if someone else does it for you. Having a pool enclosure will reduce the amount of chemicals you have to use and buy.

  6. Improve Your Health
    Health and exercise are of the utmost importance for us as humans.  Being able to swim year-round will benefit you and your family’s health. You will feel great every day – read more of our “healthy swimming” articles.

    Some customers obtain a prescription from their physician requiring them to swim daily.  In such cases, you may be able to enjoy tax savings as well.

  7. Say goodbye to Mr. Mosquito
    Don’t be at risk for insect bites and stings! Insects like mosquitos love to be near the water. Protect yourself and your family while enjoying the water.

  8. A great place to entertain. How does hosting a swim party in January sound? Imagine the entertaining you will do around your swimming pool any time of year. An enclosed pool room creates an ideal place to host a gathering of friends.
  9. Did we mention grandkids? It’s worth repeating, when you have a pool that can be used all year long you’ll see your grandkids more often.
  10. Reduce Your Liability
    When you enclose your pool you’ll immediately gain peace of mind that it is secure from uninvited guests, especially when you are out of town.  Read more about safety here.

Become a happy Oasis owner.  With all of these benefits, you and your family will be wearing a happy face when your private oasis becomes a reality.  Start with completing the inquiry form on the right, we can help you make it happen.


I have had a very positive experience with Oasis Pool Enclosures in connection with the purchase and construction of my pool enclosure.

Scott H.

Carson City, NV

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