According to the AARP, over 70 million people in the United States are grandparents. As a result of the baby boom years, America is now experiencing what can be called a grandparent boom.  The number of grandparents today represents a 24% increase in the past 20 years.

Older adults report that the ability to spend more time with family is one of the perks of being older. If there’s one thing that grandparents enjoy, it’s visiting with their grandchildren. About 24% of grandparents will enjoy a visit from a grandchild once every month or every few months.   Whether it’s sharing a meal, watching a movie, shopping, or reading, grandparents welcome any opportunity to interact with the younger generation.  And at least half of all grandparents have exercised or played some type of sport with their grandchildren.  

While we don’t know how many grandparents have swimming pools, we do know that there are about 10.7 million residential swimming pools in the United States.  And we know that having a swimming pool is a big attraction for grandkids of all ages.  And it’s a wonderful way to spend time exercising or playing with the grandkids. Swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity.  At least until foul weather comes around.

Winter months and bad weather can put a damper on the poolside fun. Unfortunately, no matter how good grandma’s cookies may be, no pool time is one less reason that grandkids want to visit.  With a pool enclosure, you won’t have close the pool.

The Oasis Pool Enclosure offers a permanent structure to surround your swimming pool providing a number of benefits. The main benefit is that having an enclosed pool means you can invite your grandchildren to come for a swim any time of the year.

As grandparents you want to be sure your grandchildren don’t go into the pool area when there are no adults to supervise, the pool enclosure can be securely locked to prevent unsupervised visits. This is important because the second leading cause of accidental death in children is drowning.

Grandparents won’t hear the words, “I’m bored,” when there is an enclosed swimming pool.  Nearly one in four grandparents provide child care for parents about once a week, the swimming pool gives the grandkids something to do – and it’s good for them too!  It’s a fact that kids are becoming less active.  In fact, kids as young as 8 are becoming more sedentary than the generation before. The swimming pool is a great way to get them moving while having fun. 

There just isn’t a reason that you, as a grandparent, won’t enjoy the benefits a pool enclosure provides.  And your family will thank you too. What are you waiting for? Contact us to get started.

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