There’s no doubt that swimming is a great way to keep in shape. In addition to the cardio work out, it’s gentle on the joints so even people who have arthritis or other joint issues can participate. It’s no wonder that swimming for exercise has really taken off over the last 20 years.

The enclosed lap pool offers unlimited fitness opportunities

One way to get in the swim is by installing a lap pool or swim spa instead of a full size swimming pool. It used to be that lap pools had to be exceptionally long and narrow but things have changed. By adding jets or water movement at one end, “swim spas” allow you to swim against a current, sort of like a treadmill for water.  It takes up less space but allows the full experience and value of swimming for fitness.

Swim spas and lap pools don’t need as much space as full size swimming pools yet you’ll still get the full benefit of swimming as if you’ve put in an Olympic size pool.

Just like a regular sized pool, lap pools and swim spas can be above ground or in ground. They are generally put outside and require the same type of maintenance as a full size pool. Which means you also get all of the maintenance and upkeep issues that occur with a full size swimming pool.   And, an enclosed lap pool is great for year round fitness opportunities.

The swim spa photos below are from a customer who enjoyed walking out the back door to swim daily, but really wanted to keep up the fitness routine in bad weather as well.  By adding a smaller solarium type enclosure over the swim spa, our customer was able to swim every day, rain or shine.  And even under the stars.

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