When you’ve built over 2000 homes, you know what you want in your ultimate dream home.

That’s exactly what Don Julian designed when it came time to build his home a few years ago.

On a lot in the country outside the Kansas City metro area, the Julian home is beautifully designed to include many one-of-a-kind features like the artful front door.  But beyond the grand entrance is a room that is simply unforgettable. It’s the glass room, over 5700 sq feet, that houses the entertaining area and swimming pool.

A tropical island

Upon entering the glass swimming pool enclosure, you’ll get the feel of being on a tropical island.  The swimming pool is unique because it’s actually a natural ecosystem that takes care of itself.  There’s no chlorine in this pool! With extensive greenery, the swimming area is kept healthy and green with aquatic plants like cattails, water lilies, and duckweed which remove bacteria and other contaminants.

The atmosphere makes a wonderful area for entertaining and recreation. A bar is situated on one side of the pool and there is a waterfall behind the pillars that offer a relaxing background ambiance and keeps the water moving.  There’s even a wave-making device that gently moves waves up the epoxy sand beach.

View the photos below to see even more of the extraordinary swimming pool enclosure.  As you will notice there is plenty of headroom and deck space.  The room has ample seating options as well as space to move about.  It’s the perfect at-home getaway!