Construction Management Services

Related Construction Services

Most projects require some additional related construction work, i.e. – foundations, floors, decks, utility lines, adjustments to your home, etc. Since we’ve been in the construction industry for over forty years we have discovered that it’s an easy and natural step to help our customers through this aspect of the project.

Our construction services are a real lifesaver to many customers. We offer 3-levels. All will save you time, and money, and will reduce your headaches.

Bidding Stage:

  • Create a detailed scope of work
  • Locate qualified contractors
  • Review project, plans, and scope with building contractors
  • Evaluate bids and make recommendations


  • Prepare Documents
  • Negotiate with the winning contractor
  • Establish work and payment schedule
  • Present documents for your acceptance

Coordinate, Inspection, and Acceptance:

  • Coordinate with the contractor(s) and yourself
  • Inspect project weekly
  • Discuss problems and resolve issues
  • Manage change orders and extra orders
  • Accept work and billings

These management services are designed to remove you from the daily hassle of working with contractors.

Our sister company, Crystal Structures, provides these services. Most customers will save on these fees and more. With our construction services, building your swimming pool enclosure can be a simplified process.


Recently I built a pool enclosure and I wish to compliment you on the design of your product. The low-e glass pool enclosure was well engineered, accurately built and easy to assemble.
~ Dan G. (Mapleton, IA)

Dan G.

Mapleton, IA

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