When you live in an area that enjoys all four seasons, it’s not easy to maintain a backyard swimming pool.  Some people just resign themselves to the fact that they won’t be swimming when it’s cold outside.  Others try to swim in a heated pool, staying mostly submerged to avoid the cold and using super large, thick towels for warmth on the way back to the house.

Pool time in any season

Neither option is ideal. The fourth season is no threat to enjoyment with this swimming pool enclosure.

That’s what this family in Massachusetts chose – a beautiful 2500 sq ft glazed structure in an oval shape complete with ridge crests.  It’s a unique addition to the backyard and something they will enjoy for years to come.  The swimming pool was actually put in at the same time that the glazed structure was built, so everything fits in size and function to a tee.

Whether used for entertaining or recreation, this swimming pool enclosure is more than just a backyard ornament, it’s sturdy, meeting the same standards as area building codes.   In fact, when an unusually deep snowfall came to the area the structure was able to handle all the snow without buckling, unlike many of the other pool enclosures in the area. And, since it is a permanent structure, it can be fully insured along with the rest of your home.

This swimming pool enclosure also features a room in the back, shielded by a masonry wall within the swimming pool enclosure, for storage and as a changing area.   For this Northeastern family, it’s pool time, all year long!

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