Winter is just around the corner and most swimming pool owners in the Northern part of the United States are shutting down their pool. Pool covers are being drawn over the water with hopes that a light Winter will keep them from getting bogged down in snow and water.  Of course if your swimming pool was enclosed, the changing season wouldn’t be a concern.

And clearly, if you live in a warmer climate, it’s just not necessary. Pool enclosures aren’t for everyone.

But some people have other reasons they prefer not to enclose their swimming pool.

Legitimate reasons? You be the judge!

  1. If you find netting for leaves and other debris to be a relaxing way to spend your time – a pool enclosure isn’t for you.
  2. If you enjoy getting back to nature as you watch raccoons dip their food in the pool – you don’t want a pool enclosure
  3. If you like to pretend your backyard is the Reykjadalur Hot Springs as you dash across the frigid yard in Winter to the warmth of the swimming pool – then no pool enclosure for you.
  4. If you feel like a movie star as the neighbors gaze longingly across the fence, their eyes begging you to invite them for a swim – you don’t need a pool enclosure
  5. If you love the thrill of dodging lightning strikes while trying to get your daily swim – don’t worry about getting a pool enclosure.
  6. If you’re terrified of the idea that someone might want to pay you more for your home because of the pool enclosure – then it’s really not the right addition for your home.

Well maybe our list isn’t ready for Jeff Foxworthy quite yet but you get the idea.  There really isn’t a good reason to NOT cover your pool with an Oasis Pool Enclosure.   With an Oasis Pool Enclosure you’ll spend less time working ON the pool and more time IN the pool!

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