When you have a pool in your backyard, you become a magician of sorts.  Balancing chemicals, water volume and temperature, and just how many pool toys are too many.  But there 5 things only the most savvy swimming pool or spa owners know.

  1. Smart swimming pool or spa owners know the full costs of owning a pool.  This is usually a surprise to most people, especially if you purchased a home that had a pool with it. With some investigation, resourceful pool owners quickly find that adding a pool enclosure helps with these costs because:
    • An enclosed swimming pool uses less chemicals – save money on chemicals
    • The water in an enclosed pool doesn’t evaporate as much – save money on adding water.
    • The water in the enclosed pool stays warmer longer – save on heating costs.
  2. Safety first is the motto of the wisest swimming pool owners. And with a pool enclosure you’ll be ensuring that no one enters the pool without your knowledge.  When you’re gone, the enclosure can be fully locked, preventing entry from neighbors or curious kids.
  3. Swimming pool owners know that pools require maintenance – daily.  And with all the time maintaining the pool and chemical balance it’s less time enjoying time with family or friends.  Savvy pool owners add a pool enclosure so they spend less time on maintenance and more time on what counts: family and friends.
  4. The most astute pool owners keep the reason they purchased the pool in mind when making decisions about equipment, repairs and upgrades.  They know that the investment of a swimming pool makes more sense when they can use the swimming pool regardless of the weather and for more than just an occasional dip.  That’s why these pool owners have pool enclosures, they improve on their investment.
  5. And the most intelligent pool owners plan for the future.  At some point you may want to sell your home.  An enclosed pool is like having an additional room, an additional entertainment area.  It’s fully insured because it’s a permanent structure and the safety aspect that an enclosed pool offers makes the whole package of your home an pool more enticing to a potential new owner.

You’re a smart pool owner too! You’re checking out the advantages of enclosing your swimming pool or spa for any or all of the great reasons above. What are you waiting for? Send us your measurements and let’s get building!