Swimming in safety and security with a pool enclosure

When you have a swimming pool in your yard, that one object becomes a focal point. Even for neighbors and “outsiders.” There’s no way to hide the gleeful laughter and unmistakable sound of splashing water that clearly designates you’re a pool owner.  And now, you’ve got what might be considered a magnet in your yard.

Two of the biggest concerns that swimming pool owners (and their insurers) have are safety and security.

Safety is a huge concern because a swimming pool,while fun, can be a dangerous place.  Drowning can be caused by any number of things from lack of supervision (children), lack of swimming skills, and inebriation just to name a few.   There is also the safety that comes from having a pool clean of debris and free of pesky insects that may cause health issues.  Keeping people in and around your pool safe obviously involves a great deal of care and concern.

Security is a huge concern because, as much as we hate to say it, there are people who would love to use your pool when you’re not around. Climbing a fence is nothing to the determined individual who is dreaming of a dip in the cool waters on a hot day.  And, security also applies to animals that might wind up stuck in the swimming pool.  The internet is filled with “animal in pool” photos, everything from small unsuspecting frogs to full size grizzly bears!

Face it, the swimming pool is a major attraction.

So how do you keep your swimming pool from becoming a nightmare? Get a pool enclosure.  

A swimming pool enclosure is a permanent structure that may or may not be attached to your home. Made of glass and aluminum and constructed to meet your area’s stringent building codes, the pool enclosure will be a beautiful addition to your home that will actually increase your home’s value.

From a safety standpoint being inside the swimming area focuses your attention on the people right there with you.  You’ll be more attuned to your guests and more aware of what’s happening when youngsters are in the water. Additionally, the chore of cleaning debris from surrounding trees is eliminated.  As is the concern of insects.

From a security standpoint, the pool enclosure can be locked up tight.  There’s no scaling the walls because it’s a complete enclosure, top to bottom.  So no more worries about unwanted guests – of any species!

If you haven’t already considered the pool enclosure, what are you waiting for?  Contact us today to start planning your new safe and secure pool enclosure.


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