Swimmingly Good Investment

Clearly, the decision to purchase an Oasis Pool Enclosure is an investment decision.  It will be a permanent structure, an addition to your home that will last a lifetime.  You may be asking yourself if this is a worthy investment.  Here are some things to consider:

  1. First, think of the investment you made when purchasing the in-ground pool (or the home with the pool as part of the property).  An in-ground pool is usually purchased with the eager anticipation of being able to swim whenever you want.  And then you realize, the first time inclement weather approaches when you planned that pool party, you can’t always swim whenever you want just because the pool is in your backyard.

    By adding an Oasis Pool Enclosure, you’ll be getting unlimited use of your pool.  This is the investment that enhances the initial swimming pool purchase.  It truly enables you to get the most out of the swimming pool by providing a year-round covered entertainment area, a place for kids and grandkids to play in a supervised environment.  You really can’t ask for anything better.

  2. An in-ground pool must be maintained.  With leaves and debris blowing in with the breeze, chemicals must be in balance for a healthy swimming environment.  All of this takes time and money.  With the Oasis Pool Enclosure, you’ll end a good deal of the maintenance hassles.
    The swimming pool enclosure keeps out the dust, leaves, and bugs normally associated with backyard pools.  And the enclosure significantly cuts the UV rays that eat away the chemicals or salt used to keep the pool water healthy.  Less UV means less money spent on expensive treatments. Plus, you save the expense of opening and closing the pool each year – that can really add up over time.
  3. Heating the pool.  Unless you only use the pool in the middle of Summer, the hottest months, you’re probably spending money heating the pool water.  Nothing like jumping in only to find the water is so cold it turns your lips blue! The great thing about swimming pool enclosures is that it helps keep the heat in the pool area so it’s less expensive to heat the pool. That heat from the water isn’t drifting away in the atmosphere, it’s staying in the room, helping to keep the water and the room warm.
  4. Insurance.  Swimming pools may or may not be covered as an additional structure on your property (please do check!) so if a tree falls into the pool or you have significant damage to drains, pumps, or other maintenance items because of water, wind, or hail you may be on your own to repair the damage.  But put a permanent structure over the pool, in the form of an Oasis Pool Enclosure, and now you will be covered.
    The swimming pool enclosures by Oasis are made to the same building codes as your home, they must meet stringent standards when it comes to the frames and glass.  Everything is designed to be a permanent part of your home so it is covered as such with your homeowner’s insurance.
  5. When it comes time to sell your home – you’ll have a better-perceived market value with a permanent swimming pool enclosure.  Here’s why:  Many people have hesitation in purchasing a home with a traditional, non-covered, in-ground swimming pool.  There is the fear that maintenance and upkeep will be too time-consuming or expensive. And if they have children, there is the additional concern of safety.
    If you have a swimming pool enclosure by Oasis, you’re now selling a home that includes a permanent, indoor entertaining area.  It’s an addition that comes with a lock to keep the kids out when adults aren’t available making it safer.  The concerns about maintenance are minimized when seen as a total package of a recreation room for year-round enjoyment.

When you add it all up, a permanent swimming pool enclosure is a sound investment and a great way to have year-round use of your backyard swimming pool.  Why wait? Contact us today for a quote on your own private oasis.

By the way – if you take what an average homeowner spends on an in-ground swimming pool ($40,923) and compare that to the number of months you’re actually able to use the pool  (3 months) in a single year you’ve spent about $13,641 for each month of swimming (not including maintenance, repairs and etc).

Based on that value assumption you should plan to spend at least $163,000 for a high quality swimming pool enclosure.  The higher the cost of the swimming pool, the more you should expect to spend covering it.  You’ll have a beautiful new addition to your home that extends the life of your pool AND gives you the ability to use the pool all year long.


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