Swim year-round Reduce unwanted access and liability Reduce the work – do significantly less maintenance and cleaning Reduce your environmental footprint – less chemicals needed Keep out wildlife Support your health Entertain in elegant style Crafted to meet codes in your area – less hassle, easier approvals And grand kids just love them! QUICK LINKS FOR MORE INFORMATION: PRODUCTS | GALLERY | 20 QUESTIONS ANSWERED  READY TO TAKE THE PLUNGE? CONTACT ONE OF OUR EXPERTS TODAY! OR CALL 316-838-0033.Read More →

Pool Enclosure - why wait

One of the most frequent comments we receive after installing a new pool enclosure is “I wish I had done this sooner.” You may have thought about getting a pool enclosure before but now you realize that 2, 5 or even 10 years have passed and you’re still having to close down the pool for winter or missing out on exercise because of rain. What do you have to lose by waiting a bit longer? Use of the pool for most of the year.  Even in the best climates things like wind and rain can keep you from getting full enjoyment of the pool area. Read More →

When you have a swimming pool in your yard, that one object becomes a focal point. Even for neighbors and “outsiders.” There’s no way to hide the gleeful laughter and unmistakable sound of splashing water that clearly designates you’re a pool owner.  And now, you’ve got what might be considered a magnet in your yard. Two of the biggest concerns that swimming pool owners (and their insurers) have are safety and security. Safety is a huge concern because a swimming pool,while fun, can be a dangerous place.  Drowning can be caused by any number of things from lack of supervision (children), lack of swimming skills,Read More →

As a business that builds glass structures for homeowners, we know a lot about keeping a building warm or cool.   It’s a big concern for almost all of our customers, especially when considering the impact on construction costs and long term heating / cooling costs. Heat loss, measured in kW or BTUs,  reflects the total transfer of heat through the building from the inside out.  Since pool enclosures are made from aluminum and glass or polycarbonate, the information in this article will deal only with these elements. Although heat loss and heat gain can happen through any part of a building. The opposite ofRead More →

Are you thinking of enclosing your swimming pool? As with any addition or remodeling, it’s important to have the pool enclosure match your home and blend naturally into your design aesthetic. Your home is one of your greatest assets, by selecting the right materials you’ll be enhancing your home’s value. Use materials that will last. Many pool enclosure companies lower their cost by using less expensive products such as plastics, vinyl gaskets and steel fasteners. These products will show wear and tear quite quickly and your resale value will be decreased significantly. Here are some of the concerns with these products: Plastic Glazing (instead of glass orRead More →