When you have a swimming pool in your yard, that one object becomes a focal point. Even for neighbors and “outsiders.” There’s no way to hide the gleeful laughter and unmistakable sound of splashing water that clearly designates you’re a pool owner. ¬†And now, you’ve got what might be considered a magnet in your yard. Two of the biggest concerns that swimming pool owners (and their insurers) have are safety and security. Safety is a huge concern because a swimming pool,while fun, can be a dangerous place. ¬†Drowning can be caused by any number of things from lack of supervision (children), lack of swimming skills,Read More →

Responsible swimming pool ownership

A backyard pool can be a lot of fun, but it does not come without some liability issues that homeowners should be aware of. Safety devices and additional insurance coverage can help lessen the financial risk associated with having a pool in your backyard. Responsible swimming pool ownership means understanding the safety precautions: Homeowners are wise to incorporate every safety precaution available with regard to their backyard pools. While these precautions do not absolve the homeowners from liability, they can decrease the risks associated with owning a backyard pool. While no safety precaution for pools can eliminate the associated risks, not putting safety precautions intoRead More →