No beach? No problem! Indoor pools are still cool to swim in, even in the summer!  Especially when that pool is conveniently located in your own backyard. Here are some reasons why: You can skip the sunscreen. Sunscreen is necessary to use outside, and it’s important to reapply it every two hours, after swimming or according to directions. But applying sunscreen takes up precious pool time! Instead, just head to your enclosed backyard oasis and jump right in. No sunscreen necessary! In fact, not using sunscreen cuts down on the filtering and oils in your pool. No sunburn. You don’t have to worry about slatheringRead More →

Winter is just around the corner and most swimming pool owners in the Northern part of the United States are shutting down their pool. Pool covers are being drawn over the water with hopes that a light Winter will keep them from getting bogged down in snow and water.  Of course if your swimming pool was enclosed, the changing season wouldn’t be a concern. And clearly, if you live in a warmer climate, it’s just not necessary. Pool enclosures aren’t for everyone. But some people have other reasons they prefer not to enclose their swimming pool. Legitimate reasons? You be the judge! If you findRead More →

Are you ready for a lifestyle upgrade? We’ve got it right here – and you don’t even have to move! The addition of a swimming pool enclosure is the only thing you need. With the investment in a quality pool enclosure from Oasis, you can start planning your new lifestyle. It’s going to be great because you’ll be positioning your home as a vacation destination, and who doesn’t want to enjoy a year-round vacation!  The swimming pool enclosure will be designed to complement your current home and landscaping.  You’ll be simply amazed at how this improvement to your property will change the way you live.Read More →

Clearly, the decision to purchase an Oasis Pool Enclosure is an investment decision.  It will be a permanent structure, an addition to your home that will last a lifetime.  You may be asking yourself if this is a worthy investment.  Here are some things to consider: First, think of the investment you made when purchasing the in-ground pool (or the home with the pool as part of the property).  An in-ground pool is usually purchased with the eager anticipation of being able to swim whenever you want.  And then you realize, the first time inclement weather approaches when you planned that pool party, you can’tRead More →

The amazing benefits of swimming all year long. Scientific studies of infant swimming in Germany have shown that early stimulation develops the child in three key areas- physically, mentally, and emotionally. As compared with a control group, which did not take year-round lessons, the children who swam consistently from infancy were significantly stronger and more coordinated. The muscles developed in a process similar to physical therapy enabled the children to excel at all physical activities and were not limited to swimming. The children also scored higher for intelligence and problem solving, which carried over into excellence and alertness in school. And, emotionally, children who swimRead More →

Finding relief from stress and worry is more important than you might think. Chronic stress heightens blood pressure and anxiety, and takes a physical and emotional toll over time, says Dr. Bruce Becker, research professor at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash. “When your car has to stay at high RPMs and sustain that for hours on end, things start to wear and break down. It’s the same with the body.” The therapeutic effects of warm water cannot be denied. In a recent study, Becker found that warm-water immersion (at around 100 degrees) for 24 minutes not only reduced the stress response in college studentsRead More →